The digital learning platform of choice for Hauts-de-France schools

1 000 000


5 790



French districts

2 700 000


Europe’s Largest Digital Education Project

Launched in 2019 in the high schools and middle schools of the Hauts-de-France region, the HDF digital learning platform was then quickly rolled out across all of the region’s schools. Now, a million students from kindergarten through high school are using ONE and NEO. With its 2.7 million users, it stands as the biggest project of its kind in Europe. The ONE & NEO platform in Hauts-de-France consistently logs over a million daily connections across 5,790 educational institutions.

In 2023, the consortium of Hauts-de-France once again placed its confidence in Édifice, renewing the ONE & NEO HDF project for another four years. This move underscores the Hauts-de-France Region’s dedication to fostering student success, ensuring equal opportunity, and narrowing the digital divide.

Users can keep taking advantage of Édifice’s cutting-edge services and boost their ever-increasing use. Sébastien Bernard, who leads the primary-level digital platform project in the Lille Academy, shares insights on the project’s vitality: “We have teaching teams in our region that are incredibly engaged with the platform. They’re the ones starting initiatives and, in the end, shaping the digital workspace. Their efforts spur broader thinking and inspire ideas for new projects to roll out.”

The region is deeply engaged in launching ambitious educational initiatives such as “Rules of the Game” and “Clean Up Your Digital Space.” It has also adeptly harnessed the adaptable and tailored nature of Édifice’s digital educational platforms. In the past few years, the region has spearheaded the addition of new features to the NEO HDF Digital Learning Platform. These advancements have extended benefits to other cities, departments, and regions that use our solutions, all made possible by the novel sharing strategy embodied by the NG OPEN Digital Learning Platform.