NEO: The Collaborative Network for Middle Schools and High Schools

Bring together your educational community around a simple solution designed to help you communicate effectively and develop students’ digital skills. NEO has been rolled out to all the major regions in France.

What’s up in NEO ?

Middle School
High School
16 June 2023

Five Apps to Revolutionize How You Communicate With Your Education Community

Unleash the superpowers of NEO when it comes to school administration tasks! Effortlessly communicate with your entire educational community (students,…
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Middle School
High School
16 June 2023

NEO, a comprehensive collaborative network that complements your school community tools

NEO is more than just an administrative platform; it is primarily a collaborative network that provides multiple applications for effectively…
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Elementary School
Middle School
High School
16 June 2023

ONE & NEO: A Single Gateway for All Your Digital Services

With all the digital services and resources used in education, it can quickly become overwhelming to keep track of multiple…
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Discover practical and tailored applications that cater to the evolving needs of students.


Bring your teaching community together and streamline communication between everyone.

Use the News application to announce upcoming open houses, create a student-led blog about cultural outings throughout the year, and much, much more! With NEO and its mobile app, communication becomes efficient and manageable!



NEO Pocket: The mobile app that helps you stay up-to-date with news and updates.

Through NEO Pocket, students gain quick and convenient access to their school’s activities, while parents receive notifications and can:
  • Consult and comment on the day’s activities on the class Blog,
  • Stay informed about school updates using the News app,
  • Communicate directly with teachers with Mailbox,
  • Receive notifications instantly whenever new information is posted.

Pick the offer that suits you best

NEO Discovery

Get to know NEO and communicate more effectively with your class.


NEO Start

Start using NEO to communicate and create a better showcase for your classroom activities.

2€ / student / year

NEO Premium

Develop your teaching practices and center the student in the learning process.

3€ / student / year

NEO Ultima

Organize activities and schedules throughout your schools, manage absences in a few clicks, and create a public portal.

4€ / student / year

Go beyond a digital platform and engage your students in the significant challenges of our era.

May 2023:
No to Violence

During a one-hour session, Asma Kafi guided the students in analyzing visual scenes depicting bullying, helping them understand the underlying causes, consequences, and possible solutions and empowering them to stand together against it.

June 2023:
Togetherness Through Opera

The day after the Music Festival, the festivities continued with an online conference involving 400 classes and Clara Lange, a cultural mediator at the Opéra Comique.

September 2023:
Nature’s Guardians

Learn about the animals that live in France and the natural habitats they call home. This introduction is a great way to marvel at and reconnect together with these incredible animals!