Digital accessibility for ONE & NEO

Ensuring inclusivity in education is our top priority. For years, we’ve been actively working on digital accessibility, responding to specific requests from individuals with unique educational needs. Recently, in collaboration with the Var, French department, we conducted a comprehensive audit of our platforms’ digital accessibility to ensure an inclusive experience for everyone.

Our ongoing efforts to enhance digital accessibility

We’ve revamped the homepages of our digital spaces, taking into account accessibility criteria. The Blog and Mindmap applications have already been updated, and others will follow suit gradually.

Additionally, the upcoming editor will include accessibility features such as speech synthesis and recognition, an accessible color palette, and keyboard navigation.

L'accessibilité numérique sur les plateformes d'Édifice

What does digital accessibility entail?

Providing an accessible digital platform means ensuring that all users with disabilities can navigate it effortlessly.

To streamline the accessibility of our platforms, we’ve adhered to the General Accessibility Improvement Repository (RGAA), which draws partly from the international WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). A total of 106 criteria must be met.

Furthermore, another audit conducted with the Google Lighthouse tool assesses the extent to which individuals using assistive technologies can effectively utilize our platform.

Qu'est-ce que l'accessibilité numérique ?

Our digital accessibility status


RGAA compliance score for the new homepages


Google Lighthouse rating for the new homepages