Our inspiring events & conferences

Inviting speakers to your classroom has never been easier! Transcend geographical barriers and take advantage of amazing opportunities thanks to videoconferencing. Students can learn about literature from young adult authors, debate with a philosopher, and explore the major issues surrounding the transition away from fossil fuels with activists.

Online discussions between students and experts

Free, easy to access, and open to everyone

Topics about art, culture, and society

Thousands of students signed in and participating

Open your classroom to the rest of the world

Each month, we organize a web conference for our classes featuring a distinguished guest speaker. Scientists, artists, professionals, philosophers, and experts from all walks of life tackle the major challenges of our time and provide students with the information they need to understand and take action. The speakers help foster a dialog, and the students are encouraged to think about the topic and share their views. The talks cover a wide variety of issues and are hallmark events in the school calendar.

Stop missing out on great opportunities

Equality between boys and girls


Three hundred classes met with a progressive entrepreneur to talk about the preconceptions surrounding boys and girls as well as the historic progress of women’s rights.

War in Ukraine


Shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine, 350 classes spoke with a journalist. It was a great opportunity to talk about information, the role of journalists, and the issues challenging the field during times of war. 

Paralympic Games


Thousands of students learned about the inspiring journey of Ludivine Munos, a multiple-time Paralympic champion. She serves as an incredible example of moving beyond one’s limitations through sports.

Master classes for teachers

Our master classes are dedicated discussion times that help teachers learn about and gain training on a variety of topics by talking with experts. The classes cover issues that teachers encounter every day, including:

  • How do you talk about philosophy with young students?
  • What yoga poses can I do with my class?
  • How do you detect reading problems in students with special needs and what solutions can you offer them?