School correspondence programs

Who said that setting up a class exchange between two countries on opposite sides of the world had to be complicated? The Édifice network makes it easy to facilitate international correspondence between your students and their overseas peers.

Over 20 countries

Cultural exchanges

Easy communication

Forge connections with classrooms abroad

International school partnerships offer rich educational rewards—exposure to new cultures, broadened mindsets, and foreign language practice. With established networks across 20+ countries, ONE & NEO make cross-cultural connections easy. Find Spanish-speaking partners mostly in Latin America and French speakers on five continents. Our online collaborative platforms allow seamless communication between classrooms, no matter the distance. Share photos, texts, videos, and voice messages with ease using familiar applications.

Correspondances scolaire avec l'étranger

Setting up class partnerships: a breeze with ONE & NEO

It’s easy to launch international class collaborations through our platforms. Simply submit a partnership request on the Help app detailing your language/region preferences and educational goals. We’ll match you with well-suited classrooms and facilitate seamless cross-cultural connections. Our team handles everything behind the scenes—granting students broader application access, linking class communities, and configuring optimal parameters for idea exchanges across distance.

Correspondance sur ONE & NEO