Web 4.8.2

March 10, 2023 – Technical updates for the Multimedia Notebook


The increased collaboration features introduced in the last Multimedia Notebook release unfortunately caused some bugs. We’ve made fixing these issues a top priority. Some users encountered unexpected error messages when trying to navigate Multimedia Notebooks by inputting a specific page number. You can now:

  • Navigate away from the page, at which point it will save and unlock automatically,
  • Access the Save button at all times,
  • View a page’s content even if it’s locked (the last saved version).

With page number navigation broken, many resorted to quickly clicking the next/previous page buttons to move through the notebook. This rapid-fire button use frequently generated errors. We have now fixed this issue. Now that the page number navigation problem has been resolved, we encourage you to use this method! Additionally, we’ve addressed the issue that logged users out when changing passwords on mobile. You can now update your password seamlessly without getting unexpectedly disconnected.