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August 16, 2022 – New features : Exercices, Calendar, Widget recorder, Mindmap, Class Settings


Exercices Update

We are working with a number of users to develop upgrades that will improve this application even more! Key feedback themes from users centered on the mobile experience, screen layout clarity, link sharing capabilities, and enhancing assignment workflows.

We have an exciting update to share—the refreshed app will be rolling out to elementary schools this back-to-school season!

Improved text fields, especially on mobile platforms

  • The editing of text fields has been revised. In order to make them easier to manage, the buttons are positioned to the right of the image instead of below the image.
  • Since the application is widely used on mobile devices by students, we have improved the compatibility of student responses on mobile, especially for “fill in the blank” questions, where the statements and their answers are more readable.

Link exercises shared using the link editor

To make this application even more visible from and integrated with the other apps, we’ve added the ability to link directly to another assignment sent out using the Text Editor. You can now embed an Exercises link into a Homework Notebook, connect a Wiki article to a new assignment, and more.

Improved editor interface for easy-to-make interactive Exercises 

To make it easier to design interactive exercises, we made the following improvements:

  • The overall grade is calculated and displayed in the summary
  • A warning is displayed if questions are written without punctuation
  • Any possible answers left blank when editing are no longer displayed to respondents
  • The name of the question type is displayed under its corresponding icon

Improved visibility of assignments on the app’s homepage

To help you stay organized, the Exercises homepage now sorts your assignments by most recently updated by default.

Updates to the “Homework” section

  • For teachers:
    • Teachers can now add up to five documents.
    • Corrections can now be added when first distributing an assignment. If the exercise is then published in the Library, the corrected version will also be available.
    • Corrections can be added directly from Filespace, eliminating the need to browse for it on your computer.
  • For students:
    • Students can now access their assignments after the deadline to check they’ve correctly submitted their homework.
    • They can also submit up to five documents for the same assignment, including a photo of what they’ve written.

Blank PDF print-outs of interactive assignments

Teachers can now print blank versions of interactive assignments. From the toaster, the Print function now lets you print out PDFs with or without responses.

ExercisesAvailable to elementary schools

We received numerous requests from elementary schools for an app to help you create tests. Field tested and approved by multiple teachers, the Exercises app is now included in the ONE Premium subscription.

This easy-to-use app lets you create and send outinteractive exercises in just a few clicks. The Exercises app lets you create engaging activities right within the platform—no third-party tools required. Build multiple-choice quizzes, fill-in-the-blanks, drag-and-drops, and more. Take advantage of the many features to make your assignments more dynamic!

Calendar – Available to schools

We received many requests to create an app that could help you manage events within your class and school. The Calendar app is now a feature of your virtual learning environment starting with the Classique subscription. The multi-purpose app fosters connections both in school and families.

Already used in high schools, this release introduces a major update eagerly awaited by users.

Calendar – Share events individually

The Calendar now allows individual events to be shared, rather than only full calendar access. Specific events can be selectively shared to appear on recipients’ personal calendars. Customize access on a per-event basis—share parent-teacher meetings with relevant families, field trips with chaperones and students, and faculty meetings with staff.

Homepage: The Voice Recorder widget has transformed into “Studio” and now includes video recording capabilities

Whether you’re wanting to introduce new concepts in a flipped classroom model or communicate more easily with parents who are less comfortable with writing, videos are versatile and powerful tools. Available this year from the Text Editor, users can record videos straight from their homepage via the “Studio” widget (formerly Voice Recorder).

Just like for the audio recording feature; you can name your video recording and save it to your Filespace.

In just a few short months, this feature will also be available in the elementary school interface.


  • You can now duplicate your Mindmaps.
  • To stop you from losing your work, Mindmaps are now saved automatically every three minutes.

Class Settings

  • You can now affiliate teachers with classes from the Class Settings app. Rather than depending on admins to complete the set-up process through the Admin Console, teachers can now initialize their own classrooms independently through the platform. That also means admins can now delegate this task directly to teachers. It’s a win-win!
  • The platform now automatically checks for duplicate users when parents manually sign up.
  • CSV imports should only be done via the Admin Console for paid subscriptions to reduce the risk of inadvertent duplicate users.


Exciting new updates are coming to the mobile app in time for back-to-school! If you missed it, now’s the time to find out everything you need to know by reading the latest release notes.



To make the Directory easier to use, you can now see the teacher’s subject in the thumbnail image.

My Account

  • You can no longer merge a federated parent account with a non-federated account.
  • Similarly, you can no longer merge an AAF parent account with a manual or CSV account.

Admin Console—For local school admins

  • For schools using automatic importing (AAF), an informational text is issued advising users to refrain from CSV imports.
  • Because we understand that creating a perfectly clean CSV file can be challenging, we’ve enhanced its compatibility with our software. We’ve introduced a list of recognized headers and improved the identification of various formatting types, including taking into account encoding from prominent operating systems.

Admin Console—For central administrators

  • You can now delete a parent merger.

and create classes directly from the Admin Console.


  • Calendar
    • Fix for navigation in the calendar view using the calendar.
    • Fix for time zone changes during the import and export of ICS files.
    • Fix for the import of incomplete ICS files.
    • Fix for text encoding during the import of ICS files.
    • Fix for errors that occurred when creating new events (month view).
  • Mindmap
    • Fix for the display order of Mindmaps.
    • Fix for skips in the display order.