November 22, 2023 – Patch Version



  • Restoring forms from the trash is now working again.
  • When exporting to PDF, the display handling of numerous propositions has been enhanced.
  • The navigation tree has been updated for better responsiveness on various devices.
  • Respondents will see the cursor displayed correctly now, no matter how many questions there are.
  • Long X-axis labels in the results view and response PDFs won’t get cut off anymore.
  • And in the My Data app, exporting data is error-free now, even when no forms are present.


  • We’ve fixed an issue with creating subjects that come from the AAF without a code.
  • We’ve also made corrections to the communication rules for organizations lacking an academic prefix in their external ID.
  • Additionally, there’s a fix for setting up function groups in organizations that have enabled the EDT or UDT feed.

VLE Help

  • Option to sort by profile.
  • When adding a comment, the status automatically changes to open.
  • Attachments added in comments are once again taken into account.

Multimedia Notebook: The display of the Multimedia Notebook is more user-friendly on tablets and phones; it is centered and maximized on the screen.

Connectors: Patch for WebGerest, Saooti, and Smartschool.


  • Now, when setting up a new homework assignment, it automatically selects the skills from the last one.
  • For PDF class tracking exports, it includes final averages even if they’re not graded.
  • In the mobile app, the student’s periodic report card is displayed.
  • Class tracking PDF exports are back up and running.
  • Students will see the correct rounded average again.
  • The average calculation in the class tracking tab has been fixed.
  • The periodic summaries are now included in the LSU exports.
  • And the gear icons in the service settings are clickable once more.


  • Integrated PDF reader
  • We’ve introduced additional zoom levels for better viewing.
  • Now, when you scroll, the titles of vertical sections stay in view.
  • We’ve also made it smoother to move these vertical sections around.
  • Tables nested within the directory tree are now accessible in the extension view.
  • Creating a magnet within the extension won’t automatically generate a new section anymore.
  • Performance has been boosted for boards that are heavily populated with magnets.
  • Theme patches 
  • Off-screen sections are no longer out of sight.

For school life, we’ve updated what shows up in the external notifications.