Mobile 1.9.3

Mars 17, 2023 – Enhanced video player, dual SMS authentication on Mobile, interface improvements with native components


Previously we enhanced photo viewing. Now we’ve improved the viewing experience for videos and audio!

  • Videos from sources like YouTube and PeerTube can still be viewed.
  • And they now support landscape mode for bigger viewing.


To improve intuitiveness, we implemented the UI patterns from your phone’s OS (iOS or Android) for a more native feel. Now contextual menus and actions match those you’re familiar with in your phone’s apps.


  • Privacy is paramount, so we’ve implemented several new safeguards. When downloading photos, users are reminded about our confidential data policy.
  • Who here has never sent an email without a subject or description? Raise your hand! To prevent you from forgetting, you’re now notified if either of those fields is empty.
  • Previously in the Mailbox, it was possible to write to an unknown recipient. Now we inform you if a user isn’t selected.
  • When a user copies and pastes their ID or password to log in, extra spaces often get added. We now automatically remove these spaces for convenience.