The Nantes academy digital learning platforms

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100 000

connections per day during peak times

A flagship national model for scaling Digital Learning Platforms across all primary schools in an academic region.

The Nantes Academy aimed to create a digital workspace tailored to the educational goals of the French National Education system and the particular needs of local communities, simplifying the shift to paperless interactions within a secure setting. The regional education authority, in partnership with local bodies, chose Édifice’s innovative solutions. The launch of the e-primo digital platform in 2014 marked the successful realization of this joint venture.


The collaborative network provides students, parents, and teachers in primary schools across the Pays de la Loire region with a single access point to a range of digital services. We’ve ensured thorough support for educational communities as they familiarize themselves with their new workspaces. They’ve had access to in-person and online training sessions, along with comprehensive communication resources. Additionally, all participating schools enjoy the advantage of customizable public websites, showcasing their institution’s key information.

In 2022, the Academy is doubling down on the bespoke and customizable options provided by Édifice. The e-primo project has been renewed and expanded with fresh applications tailored for primary schools. The goal is to aid students’ academic achievements. Vanessa Bécavin, a Departmental Educational Advisor, affirms, “The new e-primo truly meets our needs! It’s a user-friendly tool for classroom activities, including creation, collaboration, and personalized learning.”