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Maintaining continuity from elementary to middle school

Since 2016, teachers and students in Paris’s 85 middle schools have been using the Paris Classe Numérique platform to craft educational content and communicate. Elementary schools came aboard in 2017 and preschools in 2019, bringing the total to 660 schools collaborating online. In 2023, Paris renewed its commitment to Édifice, extending the project for six more years. Academic digital delegate Philippe Taillard noted, “The outcome is overwhelmingly positive. The solution has progressively improved, and I value the collaborative efforts of the academy, local authorities, and service providers.” It’s also through Paris’s initiative that users of our platforms can, for instance, individually save pages in the Multimedia Notebook. As young students transition to, the digital workspace for high schools in the Île-de-France region, they continue their digital journey seamlessly, under Édifice’s wing.