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Presentations and Karaoke: Great Ideas for Inspired Education

, Updated on 16 June 2023

In Chasselay, located in France’s Rhône department, Chrystelle Monjoie has been using ONE for the past three years. As a teacher and the head of La Fontaine School, she loves using the platform and spoke with us about how it’s made an impact in her classroom. We take a closer look at the innovative ways ONE is being used—whether for reports, video tutorials, or even karaoke—to the delight of teachers and students alike.

Why did you start using ONE in your school?
Chrystelle Monjoie: In our school, we have dyslexic students and children who struggle with writing. They were having a tough time keeping up with their lessons and writing down their homework. Parents would then realize their student wasn’t bringing home everything they needed in their school bag and that their notes were incomplete. We opted for ONE to help parents better manage their student’s lessons. Today, we use ONE every day—it’s one of our work tools.

Which applications do you and your colleagues use the most?
We use the text notebook all the time along with the children’s agendas. We also use the document space a lot, which allows students to access all the lessons learned in class from home. To do presentations, we use the multimedia notebook. That way, students don’t have to have special tools at home like PowerPoint. The children first create the notebook and share it just with their teachers before presenting. Once they’ve made their report, they can share it with everyone. It’s a great system. We also use the locker application. For teachers, it’s a fantastic tool! Any time a student is absent, we can put all the work we did during the dreaay in his or her locker. That way, the child isn’t lost when he or she comes back to school. It works really well, since students who have missed class know they have to check for assignments in their locker.

Both students and teachers enjoy the convenience of the Locker application.

 Teachers typically like the multimedia notebook the most out of all the applications. Aside from presentations, do you use it in other ways?

Yes, to teach music. After working on a song in class, we add a link to the music video or the karaoke version of the song to the multimedia notebook. We also add words next to the link so the students can practice at home. My own son attends the school. This weekend, we looked at what he learned with his music teacher as a family. It’s really great because it’s an opportunity to share and discuss. It lets parents see what their kids are doing at school. Last year, we worked on the topic of musicals. The kids memorized all the songs, then we put on a performance. The students sang all the texts that were on ONE in a chorus in front of their parents at the end of the year. We also noticed the parents knew all the songs as well!

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