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New indicators in the Statistics app

, Updated on 16 June 2023

Head’s up! The Statistics app is getting a facelift. The goal is to make your data clearer and more complete so you can craft a well thought-out action plan to introduce your digital strategy to your educational community. 

A revamped navigation experience for easier information access

To make it easier to switch between your various schools and classes (if you have access), we adjusted the navigation experience to allow you to choose the school or head school you’re interested in. The indicators are updated in the dashboard for each selected school and sub-school.

We also improved the application’s performance to give you access to data even more quickly. Another new feature of the Statistics app is its optimized data display, which makes it easier to analyze information. Additionally, you can now filter data by user type by clicking on the profiles in the key.

Newly accessible data

The “Most Used Apps” tab now includes all the apps instead of just five. The filter system is still the same, so you can know who exactly is using what.

In the “Activated Accounts” tab, a much clearer graphic lets you track changes to the number of activated accounts in your class or school at a glance. When you hover your mouse over one of the points, the number of activated and downloaded accounts for that time period will appear. You can also filter your display options by profile to instantly see, for example, how many parents have activated their accounts out of the total number of parents.

Finally, a tab now shows you what type of device is accessing the digital space, be it a computer, phone, tablet, or even the ONE Pocket mobile app.

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