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Learn About All the New Features for the 2022 School Year!

, Updated on 9 February 2024

School is officially back in session! Time to learn about all the neat updates we’ve made based on your excellent feedback! We’ll start off with the new Exercises and Calendar apps, which you’re sure to love, as well as the Parent-Teacher Log now available on ONE Pocket. Want to learn more? Read on and let’s get started!

ONE Pocket Gives the Parent-Teacher Log a Red-Carpet Welcome

The wait is over. The Parent-Teacher Log is now available through the ONE Pocket mobile app! Under the My Apps tab, the Parent-Teacher Log can now be found next to the Blog, Homework Notebook, and Filespace. Now that it’s a part of ONE Pocket, parents can view, send a read receipt, and respond to a message directly from their phones. Parents who sign on through their child’s account can also read these messages. Although teachers will still need to write their messages from the platform’s web version, they will save time by being able to view read receipts and parent responses as well as send reminders from their phones.

Exercises: Your New Favorite App

Do you want to design exciting and motivating interactive exercises for your students? With the Exercises app, available through ONE Premium, you no longer have to import your activities from other apps. You can now make custom exercises all in the same place!

Make sure your students have understood your lessons or help them hone their skills by designing exercises that combining multiple-choice, word associations, ordering, fill-in-the-blank, and open-response questions. With the text editor, you can import images, sounds, and videos into your questions. And with just a few clicks, you can send out or schedule your exercises. The Correction tab lets you check submissions, remind students who are late, track or edit automatic grades, and view pass statistics. 

Learn about all the new features in the Exercise app in this article.

An Organizational Masterpiece with Calendar

Lots of you asked for an application that could help you manage class and school events. In response, we’ve rolled out the Calendar app, which lets you create and share events and schedules.

In the left-hand column, you’ll find all the calendars that you’ve created or that have been shared with you. By default, every user has a personal calendar to begin with. You can use it to take note of your personal upcoming events or create group events and share them with users of your choosing. You can grant them read only, editing, or admin access.

As an example, you can create calendars dedicated to a particular theme, such as class highlights, and share the full calendar with students and parents from the same class. You can add birthdays, parent meetings, and field trips by clicking on “Create an event.” Add a title, description, attachment, and location; select the calendar where you want your event to appear; and set the date and time. The “Repeat” option lets you save time by automatically duplicating your event according to a set frequency. 

Mindmaps: Ask and You Shall Receive

Are you a Mindmap guru? Your creations will now be saved every three minutes. This will prevent you from potentially losing your work if the power goes off, for example. You can also duplicate your Mindmaps. Lastly, the app now features a new look. The new design is more modern and in line with the other apps on ONE.

New Features in Class Settings

You can now affiliate teachers with classes from the Class Settings app. Once they are paired with a class, the teacher can independently access it at the start of the year. They no longer have to wait for their school’s VLE admin to match them with their class from the Admin Console. If your students forget their password during the summer, teachers can reset it themselves and start using the VLE in their classes more quickly.

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