Attendance (coming in 2024)

Attendance (coming in 2024)


Manage classroom roll-call with ease

Make roll-call management a breeze with Attendance! Parents can quickly report their child’s absence using their smartphone or computer. This information is instantly sent to the teacher and the school administration, who then record the absences during the classroom roll-call. The school administration can initiate notifications via text or email to all parents of children whose absence has not yet been justified, all with just a single click.

But that’s not all! Our app delivers a full-featured experience, enabling parents to monitor their child’s attendance and tardiness records. This tool keeps families in the loop and actively engaged in their child’s day-to-day educational journey, fostering a stronger partnership between school and home. For teachers, the ONE Pocket application streamlines the record process—a few taps on their phone, and it’s done. School directors benefit too, with a bird’s-eye view of attendance statistics for the entire school or drilled down to each student. Downloading the attendance log is straightforward, easing the administrative workload and ensuring compliance with legal and educational standards.

Attendance is not just about taking roll-call; it enhances dialogue and provides sophisticated tools for parents, educators, and school leaders, leading to a more efficient and cooperative approach to school administration.

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