Attendance (coming in 2024)

Attendance (coming in 2024)


Streamline classroom attendance tracking

Attendance allows the educational team to take classroom attendance in just a few clicks and the administration to report an absence, tardiness, exemption, departure, or incident. In the case of an incident, punishments such as detention or extra homework can be promptly recorded and assigned to one or more students. Librarians can also make use of the app to note attendance in the library! The administration notifies parents with just a few clicks, via text or email, about their child’s tardiness or absence.

Attendance doesn’t just make roll-calls easier; it also offers parents detailed insights, making it simple for them to monitor their child’s attendance and tardiness records. This tool helps to engage families more deeply, bolstering the partnership between schools and parents in the student’s daily educational progress. For teachers, the NEO Pocket app drastically eases the roll-call process, enabling roll-call with just a few taps on their phone. School principals are not left out; they gain access to an in-depth overview of attendance statistics, for both the school as a whole and each student individually. The feature to download the attendance log streamlines administrative tasks, providing straightforward access to essential data needed to fulfill legal and academic requirements.

Attendances goes beyond merely streamlining the roll-call process. It enhances interaction and introduces sophisticated tools for parents, educators, and school leaders. This approach actively supports a more efficient and united approach to school administration—one that’s especially designed to meet the unique demands of secondary education.

Helpful features:

  • Automatically collect and store all roll-call sheets for each class
  • Apply filters to view all unjustified absences
  • View events related to a particular student for better tracking
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