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A Trusted Framework and Usage Guides for Parents and Students

, Updated on 20 June 2023

ONE is a completely secure space reserved exclusively for the educational community. Only students, teachers, parents, and school staff are given usernames to sign in. The aim is to empower every school to unite its community, foster communication, and strengthen local social bonds.

By default, communication within the platform is limited to the school level, and the communication permissions between users vary based on their profile type. That means a student can only communicate with the other students in their class, their teacher, and their family. Upon request, these rules can be modified to accommodate specific projects, such as collaborations between multiple classes, another school, or even other middle schools.

A fully secured network

The personal data stored in the platform includes the information provided during account creation and any additional details you enter in your profile. ONE hosts this personal information but does not use it in any way. We do not sell or rent out any of your personal data. Moreover, 90 days after an account is closed, all data associated with that account are automatically and permanently deleted. Until that point, the information is stored in a data center in Roubaix that adheres to France’s regulatory standards.

And that’s not all on the legal side. ONE complies with the Digital Workspaces Master Plan (SDET) and the CNIL RU-0003 single regulatory act, which regulates the processing of personal data. The solution is also compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Lastly, our platforms do not show ads of any kind.

A moderation system that’s “just like real life”

On ONE, access is exclusively granted through a unique identifier in the format of: firstname.lastname. That means it’s impossible to remain anonymous! All browsing information is kept and can be consulted. Every action is recorded, placing full responsibility on the user. In the event of an incident, and similar to the most popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), it is up to the users to report any content shared with them that they deem inappropriate.

On ONE, every person has the ability to report a notification from their Newsfeed. The report is then sent to the school’s local administrator, who can identify the user and block their account if necessary. It is important to note that the teacher cannot be held legally responsible for the exchanges on the VLE, as they do not have access to all the content.

“The social networking aspect of ONE is interesting. It provides an opportunity to raise awareness about social media and digital citizenship, especially when we come across cases where even primary school students have Facebook accounts without their parents’ knowledge. With ONE, we can approach this topic in a secure environment within the school’s framework.”Christian Klein, Digital Education Director, Nancy-Metz School District

A charter to reinforce best practice

A usage policy charter for parents is available in the Teacher’s Toolbox. By signing the charter, a parent agrees to assume full responsibility for the content written by themselves and their child on all the applications.

Students have their own charter as well. Using simpler language and providing an awareness-raising message, we explain to them that they should never use someone else’s login information, are not allowed to write silly or inappropriate words, and must, of course, treat others with respect in the digital space.

“When we set up the VLE, we have both students and parents sign a usage policy charter. We clearly explain what is permissible and what should be avoided, emphasizing respect for others, communication guidelines, and more. This charter is signed by each individual and integrated into the school’s internal regulations.”Christian Klein, Digital Education Director, Nancy-Metz School District

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